Administrative Committees

See the important groups that are involved in volunteering in our church.

Several nominated committees at Walnut Hills keep our church running. If you have any interest in learning more, reach out to the Walnut Hills staff.

  • Church Council: Committee chairs, at large members, and youth representatives lead the development and implementation of the missions and ministries of Walnut Hills UMC.
  • Endowment Committee: Members promote and invest memorial money or gifts in the Living Endowment Fund
  • Lay Leadership Committee: Comprised of nine members, this committee is responsible for recruitment, training, placing and retiring lay leadership
  • Property Committee: This committee is entrusted to manage the property and facilities of the congregation, including the management of gifts and bequests. They have fiduciary and legal responsibilities for the congregation. They monitor and manage all insurance requirements of the congregation. This committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. 
  • Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC): Represents the needs, opportunities and interests of the church to the Bishop of the Iowa Area in the appointment of all itinerating ministerial staff and in recommending to the Council the employment of all paid staff. Additionally, they work with the staff to maximize their full potential on behalf of Walnut Hills UMC
  • Finance Committee: Looks after the financial assets and liabilities to engender confidence on the part of the congregation. This committee consists of six members At-Large, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Council Chairperson, Lay leader, and consultants as needed.
  • Stewardship Committee: This committee is responsible for generating sufficient financial support to carry out the missions and ministries of Walnut Hills UMC and expanding people’s understanding of the joy of giving.
  • Christian Education Committee: This team of six maintains and creates new opportunities for Christian education/spiritual formation for children, youth, and families.