Preschool Staff

TeachersOur staff provides a joyful and creative environment for the children to discover and experience the amazing world God has given us! Each day we are interacting with and enjoying each child as they grow and develop in many wonderful ways.

All four teachers have early childhood or elementary education degrees. Mrs. Sue and Mrs. Ann have worked together for over 20 years. Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Lisa V joined the teaching team over 17 years ago.

Our goal is to always stay current with new techniques, knowledge and creative ideas by participating in Early Childhood classes and trainings. This keeps the staff excited and prepared to provide experiences that meet the interests and needs of our 3-5 year old children each day!

Sue Petersen
Sue was hired by the church to create the preschool program in 1998.
Ann Mattiussi
Assistant Director/Teacher
Ann started in 1998.
Lisa Howard
Lisa came to the program in 2001.
Lisa Vanderwerff
Associate Teacher
Lisa V started at Walnut Hills Preschool in 2003.
lisa v