Who We Are

rmnlogowebOur Mission — A place to call home where all are welcomed, nourished spiritually, and sent forth to serve.

Reconciling Statement — We, the members of Walnut Hills UMC, welcome all individuals into the life and work of our faith community. We resolve to follow Jesus’ admonition to “love one another, as I have loved you,” regardless of age, race, ethnic background, gender, marital status, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, or any other human condition. As a reconciling congregation, we believe we are being reconciled to God and to one another.”

Walnut Hills Behavioral Covenant 


At Walnut Hills UMC, we demonstrate a welcoming attitude by affirming that all individuals have value. We agree to listen to others with open, nonjudgmental hearts and minds and to respect the opinions of others. Our responses to each other are key to expressing our value in each other. We acknowledge that disagreements will occur among us that could create conflict.

Dealing with Conflict

During conflict, we recognize that individual opinions expressed may be the same or different from our own. All voices are respected and given discourse during face to face communication about the conflict at hand.  The goal between us is to clarify and validate each others’ ideas and values and agree to arrive at a solution.

If  the conflict cannot be resolved through face to face communication, we are encouraged to take another member along to resolve the conflict together.

If resolution cannot be reached within a small group, the next step is to communicate concerns clearly and calmly with church representatives serving on Staff Parish Relations.

Resolution and Acceptance

At Walnut Hills UMC, once a course of action is clear, the decision that resolves the conflict is accepted and integrated into the life of the church in the best interest of all.

This covenant affirms our welcoming attitude and value in each other.  Amen.